Eros Ramazzotti & Tina Turner – Cose Della Vita | VideoClip

congodfather Uploaded on Nov 28, 2010
Are human situations
Those moments between us
The gaps and returns
To understand anything then
Already you see
I’m thinking of you … you … a little ‘

They’re just human contradictions
Feeling happy feeling sad
These emotional transitions
All the memories we’ve had
Yes, you know it’s true
I just can not stop thinking of you

No I just can not pretend
All the time we spent could die
Wanna feel it again
All the love we felt then

Heart neighboring only that everyone is
Behind the fences of his pride
I’m thinking about you
I’m thinking about us

They are things of life
It is taken a bit ‘so
Some for better and some for worse
But through it all we’ve come so far
Gia … as you can see
I’m still standing because

They are all my dreams human
I would take them with your hands, because you
What’s life without a dream to hold?
Take my hand and never let me go

It’s part of life together
But what future does it hold?
They are things of life
But life then where is

Yes, you know it’s true
I just can not stop thinking of you
This night go by plane next to me
I try to deal with it, grab it
If our hearts miss a beat
Or get lost like a ship at sea
I wanna remember, I can never forget

Can not stop thinking of you
I’m thinking about us
Can not stop thinking of you
Can not stop

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