Armik – Treasures – (Passionate Spanish Guitar) – Official

Artist: Armik – Track: Treasures – Album: Treasures – Year: 2004
Armik, the internationally renowned Nuevo flamenco guitarist/composer/producer continues to blaze his guitar virtuosity around the world. While his early career focused mostly on jazz, Armik discovered the beauty and passion of Flamenco while visiting Spain during the 1970s which took him for an in-depth journey to discover the heart of Spanish music.
Featured in this video is the title track from Armik’s Treasures recording. An upbeat musical quest that with Armik’s distinct Nuevo flamenco signature. Backed by lively syncopated beats and horn punctuations, Armik sculpts each note and gives you a pre-eminent design of melodic phrases, speed and rhythmic pulses that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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