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Dear Friends:

Welcome! This site originated from friends and family sharing the amazing, the coolest or useful information (music, video, arts……etc). We attempt to build a directory or pool of the best, the coolest and masterpieces of arts, music, song, MTV, paintings, pictures……which human beings have created so far, so more people can more easily find excellent contents, with cool UI on smart-phones, pad, PCs, TVs anywhere and to promote healthy & positive arts. Here are reasons that we can be useful to you:

1. This is a directory of best things from all the rest of millions of websites. Each content is among the coolest or master-pieces…, chosen or approved by editor as the best content and in best quality in that name or class. Save you time and trouble in searching hundreds with identical names or among millions of websites.
2. Free of charge for viewing, registering an account and publishing your favorites; all your recommendation and postings are under your name by one click to your user_ID; you can also build you “My Favorites” with professional looking within 10 seconds.
3. Lightning-fast, beautiful and adaptive UI which dynamically adjust UI based on user devices and transform parts of UI into other format to allow only primary content on small screens. Allow excellent display on all type of device such as pad, smartphone, PC and TV (test on your phone or pad, see how UI changes)
4. We operated with minimal advertisement (only limited Ad from Google, in fact we are not allowed to put any ad on page with Youtube contents), but we still can do this because we can support much more users per $ of hardware and probably have one of the best expertise in real-time, server side technologies and HTML5 in Silicon valley or in the world.
5. Our powerful search engine has syntax high-lighting, weighted indexing, category, category hierarchy and user_ID classification, as well as a hottest list, enable you easily find your favorites in best quality.
6. We believe the coolest things spread out among peoples. When more people sharing cool things, all of us get more and this also encourage more positive, cool things and master-pieces to be exposed or created or spread and benefit everyone. In addition, contributed post ranking 1~10, 11~30, 31~50 in any category will be rewarded with 5, 2, 1 common stock shares respectively after 2 years of posting (when there will be enough user rating). Adopted business suggestion will be rewarded with 100~1000 shares. Total allocated shares for user reward is 12 Million or 20% of total.

The terms are subjected to change by us in order to provide necessary financial means to better serve you in term of good hardware, software developments and operations. Depending on if we can generate enough money from minor advertisement, volunteering and donation, we might start charge 1$ per year membership service fee after one year free, TBD. We might consider crowdfunding. We intend this to be funded, created and enjoyed by everyone involved. For each $1 of donation, we reward 1 share by default.

Every new account comes with “Studio” where you are encouraged to submit draft content by clicking “new” sign (please put basic content and links to resources, then click the “submit draft for review”), editors will assist you to finish. You can also request “Author” or “Editor” account after gaining our trust. Now have a good time and enjoy some of the coolest things on earth!

Disclaimer: We provide directory listing, rating, ranking, selecting and format contents from partners or legally pull via Open APIs or contract under limited advertisement as exchange for contents, or originals created by users. We just provide platform for user contents and are not responsible for legality of user submitted content, upon copy-right claim by owners, we reserve the rights to remove the content without prior noticing to users who publish them.

Welcome volunteer time, money and suggestion to make this site better. Also welcome high-value &small-size advertisement.

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